Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finding grace in wriggling toddlers...

Phew.....well here is a long overdue second post oh uhm only six months later : )

I have had a renewed interest in writing and connecting online within the realm of what I intended this blog for. And it brings me back to why I wanted to start one in the first place. The first half of the year revealed much to me. There is a need for encouraging the Proverbs 31 seeking woman. There are so many faith filled wives and mommas out there that feel like they fall short and aren't up to par ahem (me too and especially)......and you know what? most of them think it's just them. It's not ladies. It's a wordly struggle we all bear, but there is freedom from it. There is freedom in seeing another mother sigh when her toddler wriggles away and runs off while she's trying to get out of the door at dance class. You see her, you see you in her, and you see Jesus' grace for her and the good work she's trying to do...... and somewhere in there it reminds you that you are offered that too. Grace. Grace from Him. Grace for each other to not be perfect.

Motherhood is HARD. Being a good wife and helpmeet can be HARD. But His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Amen? He can lighten our load when we rest in grace and know we don't have to be perfect because we can't be perfect. And know that, that is okay. I've met so many mommas with wonderful intentions for their families. Do they always get it right? Nope. Do I? Oh man, no. Do we strive to though? Then we're on the right foot then ladies. Strive with your best intentions, and allow yourself to bathe in grace when it gets and seems hard. We have good work to do, and I see such a need for building each other up that first spring out of my own misconceptions and 'must just be me' attitude. There are no perfectly clean houses with children, daily not even charred a little bit- gourmet meals, and all day smudge free makeup on a momma ; ) And when we realize that we have freedom. Freedom to do our best. This blog is about me finding my personal best in my calling. I'm striving, and if I can lift someone else up along the way then this blog will have served a great dual service.

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  1. I'm not a mom yet, but I can totally relate to this. I'm constantly comparing myself to other women in my church. I know that I shouldn't; we all have our issues. God is really working on me about this. Thanks for sharing!


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