Friday, August 13, 2010

Found my focus

printable menu planners from Alma Loveland
(these are too cute.)

Well, that was quick. I've found my verse/ characteristic to focus one...... the one that is in desperate need of attention around this house that is!

She is like merchant ships, she brings her food from afar....

Oh, I bring it from afar alright, as afar away from now as possible. While we have been trying to be very diligent in becoming more conscientious about what we are eating, I have let my entire shopping/planning/cooking process disappear as soon as my morning sickness appeared. But that should be wearing off soon, and the lack of planning is frustrating. Just today, my husband called to ask what's for dinner.

My unfortunately familiar response of uhm gave him a good laugh. So we went through ideas on the phone and everyone of them had something in that our fridge did not. So we opted for chinese and I opted to do better from now on! I said you know, I need to get back to taking dinner out to thaw in the morning then I know it's planned. My husband said yeah, babe I think that's a good idea. Actually, I've been thinking that too but I knew you'd realize it on your own and get back on track. He's so gracious.

So here, I am going to get back on track. I'm tired of having last minute thrown together meals, running out of our favorite foods before it's time to head back to the store, and eating less healthy out of haste. But there's no sense in beating myself up for it nor should anyone else in the same boat. We get thrown off sometimes, life just happens. But the thrilling part is being motivated to get back on track and see the improvement it will bring.

Some ways I plan to do this is:
-Clipping coupons again.
(this former coupon addict even let this go to the way side, even if they're aren't a lot available for most of the non-processed foods we've started to buy, there are plenty of savings for toiletries and household goods)

-Make a monthly bulk shopping list.
(this means only one or two "big" trips instead of more little ones. This is major for me as we were hitting a big box store and whole foods store on the same day to get the shopping done and first trimester fatigue was not working with it!, Also this includes non perishables, anything that can be frozen, toiletries, and household goods)

-Make a weekly perishable shopping list.
(when you plan to shop this way, your bound to eat healthier and not splurge on junk food)

-Make a weekly menu from what you buy and were able to get on sale, even if only for dinner.

-INCLUDE THE WEEKENDS IN YOUR MEAL PLAN....did I say that loud enough! : ) Really, I need to yell it loud enough to hear it myself. I would plan a five day meal plan and come time for the weekend, dinner plans were a lot of uhms and empty stomachs that resorted to eating out.

-Keep up with the nightly routine of washing the dishes as SOON as dinner is over, if you wait so will the dishes and they will only get more gross sitting there in mystery water. You are so much more inclined to cook when you have clean shining pots and pans that are put away.

-Put dry dishes away in the morning.

- Lastly, take dinner out to thaw and arrange everything on the counter or on a shelf in the fridge so it is all gathered and ready when you are ready to cook.

I think this should get me off to a good start, here's to starting over this weekend! : )


  1. LOVE this post! You've listed things I have been struggling with. I'll blame it on our new little boy getting my routines out of whack. I can certainly understand the morning sickness problem. : ) Great tips and reminders, especially like the "mystery water" comment about washing the dishes promptly. = )

  2. Hilarious, I always forget to plan during the weekends too! I love your idea of doing big bulk shopping once a month, I may have to adopt that - it would make shopping with 3 little ones sooooo much easier! especially since they actually enjoy the fruit & veggies part of the store. Thanks, I'm so glad I stopped by.

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  4. Modern Distaff said...
    Thanks Melodie! I'm so glad you loved the post. Oh yes, there are many members that are in or have been in the morning sickness club I am starting to see! You're so right that little ones can throw routines off track. Lord, help me get it as together as I can before my new little one comes along!

    Haha, thanks, glad the mystery water tip was useful! I know I struggle with it. I actually set a timer to be honest and tell myself you only have to deal with dishes for 15 mins, seriously you can do this. And thankfully, most of the time it's done in less but I otherwise couldn't even start if I knew I didn't have a time to be able to stop. I'm starting to figure out, you learn what works for you to get working the longer your figuring out this thing called homemaking.

    Oh, good Stacy! I'm not the only one with weekend amnesia after all! I just posted a new blog that I made a menu planner that actually includes saturday and sunday too by the way! At least I remembered for the planner lol

    Good, I hope that can help. I'm starting to stock up a little at a time to stretch out further and further visits in between, hopefully I'll be up to that once a month soon. I can't wait.

    Aw, that's great your kids enjoy the fruits and veggies part. It would be so awesome to only have to shop in the department they enjoy most of them time. Who knows less shopping might be stress relief to kids too! I know mine gets sick of once I start hearing can we go yet?? And then I know I've been making too many laps around for one day.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting you guys! Especially with just starting the blog, it totally makes my day to read such funny and nice comments and be introduced to everyone's blogs.



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