Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's a.....




Yeah, we're not sure either. : ) 

We went early to find out because we just didn't want to wait until 20 weeks, and now we're back at square one. The ultrasound tech said it's a girl, but when we got home and looked at the pictures again the second picture has us second guessing.....Hmm?

If we know nothing else, we know this baby is either really modest or has a sense of humor. As soon as we started looking for the gender the legs crossed and put it's little hand over itself....and when we kept trying to look the baby turned upside down! Lol. 

I really don't care either way, what God gives I'll graciously accept. I am just too darned curious for my own good ; ) We get to have another look at 20 weeks, so that's exciting!


  1. I feel for you...I too am "too darned curious for my own good" : ) and can't wait to find out the gender of my babies. *sigh* He/She is a cutie though!

  2. Aww, lol!! I would be curious too, for sure!

  3. Melodie-Haha, Oh I know, it is the hardest use of patience I've come across so far! Maybe it's good for us though, might make it easier to get through the tough parts having that to look forward to. : )

    Thanks for the cutie comment on he/she! Maybe if they baby hears itself called that enough it will cooperate in October for us!

    Meg- Yeah! It's almost unbearable girl. I'm counting the days lol.


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